Medication Guidelines


If your child needs medication while in school, there are strict guidelines which we are legally required to follow. 

A complete copy of these guidelines is available at the school.

  1. Written instruction from both the parent and physician is required.  We request that you use the Medication Administration for available in the office.
    NOTE:  A current pharmacy prescription label is accepted as the physician's written instruction.

  2. Medications must be kept in the original labeled pharmacy or medication container.  The student's name must be identifiable on the container.  Ask the pharmacist for a separate container just for school doses.

  3. The medication container must be the most current one available.

  4. ANY medication requires the physician’s written permission in order for school staff to administer it; this includes, cough drops, vitamins, lactose or dietary supplements, and any over-the-counter medication.

  5. Students are not allowed to carry medications with them, or to self-administer meds. (There are exceptions to this rule—see the nurse with any questions.  Cough drops are not one of the exceptions.)

  6. Individual arrangements need to be made with parents for transporting medications to and from school!  It is preferred that students do not transport the medication.