Vision and Hearing

vision chart
Vision and hearing screenings are done by the school nurse as mandated by Indiana State Law and by parent or teacher request.  The screening i not a diagnostic tool; it simply indicates that further medical evaluation is needed.  It is the school nurse's responsibility to make the appropriate referrals to parents and to notify teachers of the results.

Vision screenings are done annually on students in grades 1 & 3, all interlocal referrals and students and all new students.
Hearing screenings are done on all Kindergarten, grades 1 & 4, interlocal referrals and students, and all new students.  Screenings are also done if the parent and/or teacher requests it.

You may request a vision or hearing screen be done on your child by contacting Nurse Sue or sending a note to the teacher.  If you receive a vision or hearing referral for your child, follow up with his/her physician.  Please be sure to notify the nurse of the results so we are aware of any changes in their health status.