Welcome to Brummitt PTO

Brummitt Elementary PTO

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How You Can Help

  • Attend PTO meetings and stay informed by following our Facebook page. The PTO meetings are a great way to meet people and to find out how to participate and volunteer in the PTO activities and events.

  • Support PTO sponsored fundraisers. Because we offer a variety of fundraisers and ALL participation is optional, please support those which make you most comfortable.

  • Participate in PTO sponsored activities with your child.


What does PTO do for you and your children?

  • Hold fun events like the Brummitt Bash, Movie Nights, Family Dining Nights & a Talent Show.
  • Gives back to the school through donations raised through fundraising.  
  • Provide much needed appreciation to our teachers through meals during conferences and appreciation weeks.
  • Donate a Student Directory to every Brummitt Student.
  • Keeps your family updated about school events.
  • Provides a monthly venue for parents & teachers to discuss important topics.

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