About Me

Ughhh....I hate these dopey biographies people have to write about themselves.  Sounds so fake.  Plus I don't think anyone really cares anyway, but here is some stuff you might want to know about me:

I grew up and went to school in Hobart, IN...but I secretly always wanted to be a Chesterton Trojan.
I graduated college in 2000 from Indiana University Northwest in Gary, IN with a degree in Elementary Education.
I love my wonderful family.  My wife, Stacy, and my sons, Owen (9) and Nathan (6), are the best.
I have a 75lb 'lap dog' named Chloe.
I love playing sports, but they don't love me anymore...I'm getting old!  I think I'll stick to golf (my favorite).
I really enjoy traveling.  I want to see as many new places as I can in my life.
I love movies and music of all kinds.
I have really enjoyed the 14 years I have been at LIS teaching the great kids in my classes.