In spelling we will be alternating between the Spelling words from the Reading series and the "Review" words from the Rebecca Sitton series that I really like a lot.  The "Review" words are not as difficult, but are high frequency words that are commonly misspelled or confused.  Many of these words appear week after week to ensure the students master these important to know words.  Examples are:  there, their, they're and it's/its

When we are working out of the Reading series, the kids will have two weeks to do the Spelling Contract.  I am including a copy of that contract here as well as a link to the Microsoft Word version in Forms and Docs.  It is very important the kids do not procrastinate while doing these contracts. 

Many students have commented how much doing the contract helps because they get a lot of practice writing the words.  I feel it also helps in responsibility because they have to manage their time while working on it.

There is also great website that the kids can use to practice their words and complete their website.  It is called Spellingcity and I have an account with the words we use in class.  Check it out here: Spelling City