Istep Practice


Here are a few sites that you can go to to prepare and practice for the ISTEP test. Remember to try your best and use those strategies that we have discussed to help narrow down choices and always ask yourself if this answer seems reasonable.  The nice thing about these practice tests is that it will tell you if your answer is correct right then.

These links will help you with the March ISTEP. These are the open ended question where you have to show all work and may need to explain your answers.

NEW Practice ISTEP for College and Career Ready Standards
Indiana ISTEP Open Response Test  17 questions.  Answers on next link.
Indiana ISTEP Open Response Test Answers (DON'T PEEK early... be honest, it won't help you to look first.)

These links will help you with the later ISTEP in April/May. These are multiple choice questions.

Indiana ISTEP practice Form A   Grade 6 Multiple Choice
Indiana ISTEP practice From B   Grade 6 Multiple Choice

ISTEP Item Samplers and any information about ISTEP.

Practice test for ISTEP  6th grade
Practice test for ISTEP  5th grade

If you love math and want to practice other state's practice tests, click here, then click on a state of your choice.