Welcome to the Chesterton Middle School Guidance & Counseling Department

Laura Herrod - 8th Grade Counselor
Office Hours - 7:25 - 3:25  Phone # 219-983-3776 ext. 7011

Mission Statement - The complete health and well being of the students here at Chesterton Middle School is of utmost importance to us. The goal of counseling at Chesterton Middle School is to help students remove barriers and obstacles that inhibit academic success. 

The 8th grade year involves preparing students to move on and meet the challenges of high school.  There is a strong focus on Career Education.

Main Events -
  • Career Orientation, Discussion & Planning
  •  High School Scheduling (9th grade).
  •  Reality Store - students investigate careers and settle on one to take to a role playing ecercise at CHS  hosted by many community volunteers
  •  Four Year High School Planning
  •  Post High School Planning