Math is without a doubt one of the most important subjects in high school as it helps to build reasoning skills for further studies in all subjects.  Math is undoubtedly the most widely used subject in the world as every career uses some form of math within that particular career.  But the most important aspect of solving math problems is the ability to rationalize and eventually develop logical reasoning skills in an effort to help solve more difficult problems.  By breaking a problem down to a simplified process and reasoning skills, you can organize complicated situations or problems into clear simple and logical steps to reach the solution.

The bottom line is the more math you know, the more you can potentially earn down the line.  As your math careers continue to grow and you gain more knowledge in the math field, the more opportunities you are afforded in your career choices.  So within the real world outside of the school walls, high paying jobs often demand people who can take complicated scenarios and simplify it to the level that everyone can understand. Therefore, by knowing more math, students give themselves the competitive edge they will need to compete for these high paying jobs.

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Here are the highest paying jobs for math "geeks".


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