Advisory Assignment (1/25/23)
This is getting through winter assignment, so you are sharing your movie, tv, hobbies and music interests with the class. You can change the interests if you like as well (example - books, video games, sports). Spend the first 15 minutes making the google slides. Then each pod will present to there pod. If you would like to remote into the big tv in class Mr. Waters will show how to do that as well. 

You can paste over Mr. Waters google slides: 

Advisory Assignment (1/4/23)
Log on to Mr. Waters Google Meet and Interact

Advisory Assignment - (9/7/22)
Mr. Waters will put you into groups of 2 or 3.
Use the budgeting sheet to help you answer the below questions to the best of your ability. 
Click here for the Budgeting Sheet
Feel free to change any formula on the budgeting sheet or copy it 

Assignment: (Show Mr. Waters After you are Done)
1. What if you made $40,000? How much more could you spend per day?
2. What if you had $3,000 in the bank? Would this last a long time? Why or Why not?
3. What if you had $200 in the bank and needed a $2000 car repair?
4. How much would you pay in taxes if you $41,775 (the max at 12%)
5. What do you find the most unfair about budgeting?
6. How would you make this system work better for you?