Title I Information

What is Title I?  

Title 1 is a Federal aid program through which most Indiana school districts receive funding to provide supplemental instruction for those students who qualify. The allocation of funds for each school district is based on a legislative formula dependent upon the distribution of low-income children and state per-pupil expenditures. However, Title 1 services are provided for all children who qualify as needing assistance in language arts or mathematics regardless of income.


How do students qualify for Title I services?

Criteria is  selected that will provide us with most accurate reflection of a student’s academic ability in reading.  Three pieces of data have been used to determine student placement in Title I. The assessments used vary according to the grade level and tests specific to skills required for reading at that level. Listed below you will find the criteria used for Title I rankings for the beginning of the year.  

Assessments used:
K:  mClass Dibels (Composite Score, First Sound Fluency, and Letter Naming Fluency)
1st grade:  mClass Dibels (Nonsense Word Fluency), mClass Reading 3D TRC (Text Reading and Comprehension), and STAR Early Literacy
2nd grade:  mClass Dibels DORF (Dibels Oral Reading Fluency), mClass Reading 3D TRC (Text Reading and Comprehension), and STAR Reader
3rd grade:  mClass Dibels DORF (Dibels Oral Reading Fluency), DAZE,  and mClass Reading 3D TRC (Text Reading and Comprehension)

What is my student missing in the classroom during Title I interventions? 

Title I services occur during a "differentiated block" in our school day. During this time all students are reviewing and practicing skills.  New content is not being taught in the classrooms during this block of time.  


Title I Quick Facts
  • Title I occurs during the regular school day
  • Focuses on language arts in grades K-3
  • Students receive Title I intervention based on selection criteria
  • Small groups to deliver intensive intervention based on literacy needs of the students
  • Title I services the students that score in the lowest 20% of the grade level according to specified assessments

Title I Staff 

At Liberty Elementary, for grades K-3 we currently have four Title I aides and the Reading Specialist working with Title I students in small group interventions.  

    Mrs. Nicole Bell- Reading Specialist
    Mrs. Marge Schlundt- Title I aide

    Mrs. Michelle Braun- Title I aide

    Mrs. Pam Mullin- Title I aide

    Mrs. Shannon Loney- Title I aide

Have questions?  
Join us for our Title I Informational Meeting on October 28th.  

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