Add a Calendar to Your Site

Google makes it easy to insert a Google Calendar on a web page.

Create the Calendar in Google Calendar

  • Click on the Calendar link in the upper left-hand corner -- Google Calendar will open in a new window
  • Under "My Calendars", click Add
  • Name the Calendar and complete any additional fields
    • To allow viewing of this calendar on your web site, you MUST select "Share this calendar with others" and "Make this Calendar Public"
  • Click Create Calendar
  • Add events to the calendar

Insert the Calendar on a Web Page

  • Return to your website and open the page you will be inserting your calendar on
  • Click Edit page and place your cursor where you want to locate the calendar
  • On the toolbar, click Insert > Calendar
  • Choose the Calendar to insert and click the Select button
  • You will see a placeholder for the calendar. Click Save to view the calendar on your web page.


TheĀ  calendar below has a height of 400 pixels and is 250 pixels wide. The view selected is "Agenda". This view produces a list of events, beginning with the current date, and allows the viewer to scroll down to see an unlimited number of future events.

Google Sites Demo Calendar

The calendar below is the same one as above, but the view selected is "Month" and the width is set to 100%.

Google Sites Demo Calendar

The calendar below is again the same as the 2 above, but the view selected is "Week", height is 250 pixels, and width is 400 pixels.

Google Sites Demo Calendar