Welcome to Google Sites

Google Sites is an easy to use web site publishing tool available to all Duneland School Corporation teachers and support staff through Duneland's Google Apps for Education account. Although you may also have your own personal Google account, please be sure to publish your web site using your Duneland Google account so that a link can be added to your school's web site!

To obtain your login information (you'll find a link to the login screen at the top of this page), contact Sue Heater @ ext. 1104 or by email: sue.heater@duneland.k12.in.us
Browse the links on the left to learn how to build your web site using your Duneland Google account. If you need additional assistance, please feel free to contact Sue using the above contact information.

Google Sites Quick Start

(Click the links below for help)
  • Review the Read Me page of this tutorial
  • Create a new site
    • Give the site a name (the Title of your site, seen at the top of each page)
    • Change the URL of your site (the web address)
      • Use your login name for classroom sites (example: sheater)
      • Use a short, unique, descriptive name for grade level/group/team sites (examples: cms-english7, wis-media, ba-pto, etc.)
    • Select a Theme
    • Enter the full name of your school under Site Categories
    • Click "Create Site"
  • Add content and additional pages to your site
  • Add a link back to your school's web site
  • Make your site public
  • Contact Sue Heater to let her know your site is ready! A link to your site will be placed on your school's web site.
    • sue.heater@duneland.k12.in.us or webmaster@duneland.k12.in.us
    • phone ext. 1104