Photos and Clipart

 Photos and clipart add interest to your site, but please keep the following in mind:
  • Unless you are running a photo-sharing site  - and you're not! - the MOST IMPORTANTpart of your web page(s) is the INFORMATION!
    • Too much clip art and/or too many photos can clutter up your page and distract from or even hide the information you are trying to relay
    • Alternately, no images at all can make for a rather dull looking site.
    • Try to strike a balance between the 2.
  • Photographs almost always need to be resized before adding them to your site
    • Although Google Sites gives you a tool (see Customizing Image Display) to select a small, medium or large viewing size for pictures, using that tool DOES NOT really change the picture size. The file size remains large, which can slow down the loading time of your page. You will need to use an image editing program to resize and resave your photographs.
    • TIP: If you are taking pictures specifically for use on your web site, check to see if your camera has an email or web mode. If so, the picture size will be more suited for use on your web site without the need for resizing.
    • Photographs of Students
      • Make sure a student does not have a DO NOT PUBLISH PHOTOS order in their file.
      • Please avoid using names with photos of students in grades K-8