Adding Content to a Page

In the sidebar, select the page you want to edit, then click the Edit page button found in the upper right hand corner. 
edit menu

The Edit Toolbar opens at the top of your page
editing toolbar

Type the content or copy and paste from another document - both will work!
Format the text, and then SAVE the page you're working on! Always remember to click the SAVE button in the upper right hand corner of the window!

Below are brief descriptions of what each button on the text formatting toolbar is used for. You are probably already familiar with most of them!
The Insert, Format, Table, and Layout menus will be covered on other pages.

Undo - Redo: Click the left arrow to undo the most recent actions, and the right arrow to redo something you've just undone


Font type: The fonts available are much more limited than what you are probably used to; only very basic fonts are included. A web browser will only show the viewer fonts that are installed on the viewer's machine. Therefore, it's recommended that when creating a web page you stick to basic fonts so that the page will look the same to everyone who visits! 

Courier New


Font size: Highlight I section of text by selecting it with your mouse, then use this dropdown list to increase or decrease the current font size.

10 pt

16 pt

24 pt


Bold - Italic - Underline




 Text color: Select text by dragging with your mouse, click text color icon, and select a text color from the pallette
 Text background color: Add a background color to a word or block of text to make it stand out on the page.

 Numbered List: Type a list of items, 1 item per line, then highlight all text and click this icon to create a numbered list.

  1. Number 1
  2. Number 2
  3. Number 3

Bullet List: Type a list of items, 1 item per line, then highlight all text and click this icon to create a bullet list.

  • Number 1
  • Number 2
  • Number 3

Increase/Decrease List Level: Highlight items in a list and click the appropriate icon to increase or decrease the indent level of the selected item(s).

  • Number 1
    • Number 1a
    • Number 1b
  • Number 2
  • Number 3 


  1. Number 1
    1. Number 1a
    2. Number 1b
  2. Number 2
  3. Number 3

Alignment: Use these buttons to align your text to the left, center or right of the page (or table cell)

Left Aligned

Center Aligned

Right Aligned


Remove Formatting: There are times that this button can be a great timesaver!! You may find, when copying and pasting from another document, that the text is just a mess and no matter what you do to try to fix it, it just can't be fixed!

A great deal of time can be wasted trying to correct a formatting nightmare! Instead, just highlight the affected text and click the Remove Formatting button.The selected text will be returned to plain text, and you can start formatting from scratch!


HTML: Click on this button to see and edit the HTML that allows your site to be viewed in a web browser. Unless you are experienced in editing HTML you probably won't have much use for this button, but you may want to click on it once, just to see what's going on "behind the scenes."