The Sidebar

The Sidebar in a Google site is the area, usually on the left of the screen by default, that contains links to all of the pages in your web site. When you create a new site, Google Sites conveniently places a Navigation box in the Sidebar for you. As you add new pages to your site, links are automatically added to the Navigation Box that is located within the sidebar.
There are lots of other things you can add to the sidebar though! Links to pages outside your own site, textboxes that you can use to highlight bits of information, "countdowns" and other Google gadgets, photos, and much more!  The process to make changes to the Sidebar is a little different than the main area of your page, which is why "The Sidebar" gets its own section on this site! Also, keep in mind that unlike the main content area of your web pages, any changes made to the Sidebar will be seen across all pages on your web site.
To make any changes to your site's sidebar, click on the Edit sidebar link, located within the sidebar on your site!
To learn more about the Sidebar, click on a sub-topic in the menu to the left.