Getting Started with the iPad - Fall 2013
  1. What's an Apple ID? - Create an Apple iTunes Account
  2. Apple Education -  Website just revamped this Fall
  3. Resources for Teaching with the iPad - Tutorials, Ideas & PDF's
  4. iTunes Education Spotlight - Subscribe to the Newsletter to receive updates
  5. The App Directory by APPitic - Apps Lists for Education from ADE's
  6. The Apps Store - Design a Lesson, Use an App! Over 40,000 Educational Apps 
  7. iTunes U - World's largest collection of FREE education content
Apps, Websites, Classroom Ideas & Presentation Tools 
  1. Visit -> Graphite  Find the Best apps, games, websites and digital curricula rated for learning and listed by type, subjects, grades and price. 
Need Additional Help?
  1. iPad Users Guide - Welcome to the iPad Users Guide Featuring iOS 7
  2. iOS 7 - What's New - Great new features such as Control Center
  3. Visit the App Store - Install the Tips & Tricks - iPad Secrets LITE FREE App
  4. Contact Sharon at sklahn@duneland.k12.in.us or call ext 7404