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iPad Part 2

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Apps, Websites, &  Ideas
  1. Visit -> Graphite  Find the Best apps, games, websites and digital curricula rated for learning and listed by type, subjects, grades and price. 
  2. Explore ->  The Teacher's iPad SpectrumConsume, Collaborate & Produce ideas and lessons with the iPad
  3. Create  ->  Prezi Ideas matter.To inspire change, change your presentation tool.  Today's 15 most popular prezis. Explore Prezi for the iPad

CMS  8th Grade PE Geocaching Adventure

CMS Mr. Benefit Announcement

WIS Going Green Week Dancing Staff Half Time Show

Welcome to Grade 7 by Royan Lee 

21 Years from cloddy clip's channel

iPad Part 1

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Getting Started - October 2013
  1. What's an Apple ID? - Create an Apple iTunes Account
  2. Apple Education -  Website just revamped this Fall
  3. Resources for Teaching with the iPad - Tutorials, Ideas & PDF's
  4. iTunes Education Spotlight - Subscribe to the Newsletter to receive updates
  5. The App Directory by APPitic - Apps Lists for Education from ADE's
  6. The Apps Store - Design a Lesson, Use an App! Over 40,000 Educational Apps 
  7. iTunes U - World's largest collection of FREE education content

Need Additional Help?
    1. iPad Users Guide - Welcome to the iPad Users Guide Featuring iOS 7
    2. iOS 7 - What's New - Great new features such as Control Center
    3. Visit the App Store - Install the Tips & Tricks - iPad Secrets LITE FREE App
    4. Contact Sharon at or call ext 7404

Ready to Try Twitter?
    1. Follow Chesterton High School @ChestertonHS on Twitter for CHS news, announcements, sports, and information.
    2. Follow @iTunesU on Twitter to see featured courses from other teachers and instructors from leading education institutions. 
    3. Follow Sharon Klahn on Twitter @sklahn12  for interesting technology ideas

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