Building a PLN

 This Spring I will be talking to DSC Staff about building a Personal Leaning Network.  
PLN is a place you create to access knowledge, receive feedback, share ideas, connect with others and learn. I constructed my first PLN last Spring by gathering all my favorite conference information and posting it to the web for easy access. Next, I started using Twitter to follow interesting people, places and communities.  I remember when I  sent my first Tweet, it was at the eVisionary Conference in Valparaiso to Leslie Fisher during her presentation! This Fall I joined Pinterest, Sharon Klahn on Pinterestat the ICE2013 Conference during a presentation given by Rob Tidrow . I didn't start using Pinterest much until this Winter when I began creating group boards for sharing ideas with staff in specific buildings. I created a Sharon's BA Apps Cafe Group Board for our Monthly Apps Cafe Meeting at Bailly Elementary and a CMS Pinterest Party Group Board for our  Tech Wednesday's at Chesterton Middle School. Building a PLN  has proven to be a fantastic way to share information and tap into interesting resources anytime, anyplace. I encourage you to build a PLN, personalize it to meet your needs and  mold it like a piece of clay to fit your personality and interests.  Enjoy! Sharon