CMS Geocaching

On Friday, September 20, 2013 two adventurous educators from Chesterton Middle School embarked on their first Geocaching expedition with 8th grade P.E. students. We divided each class into two equal teams and gave each team one mobile device to access the Geocaching Website and App. Their mission was to find one to three caches in only 15 fast and furious minutes! The team that found the most caches in the allotted time won. The students were expected to utilize the technology and work together as a team in their quest for caches. Here is the iMovie we created using an iPad while transporting students back and forth to Sunset Hill Farm County Park on the big yellow school bus. Just another Day in the Life of a Connected EducatorEnjoy the movie ! Mrs. Klahn & Mrs. Peterson

Click the arrow to play the Geocaching iMovie