2010-11 Topics

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Apple in Education
Microsoft Office 2010

Looking For Something New? Check this out.....

Google Sites created by Duneland School Staff
          Creating a Google Site at Duneland School Corporation
Sign in here to access your account: http://pages.duneland.k12.in.us
Google Site Tutorial from Sue Heater - Thanks Sue Heater @ IMC
Awesome Sites Created in 2010-2011 by Duneland Teachers
Mrs. Bell's 3rd Grade Class - Thanks Nicole Bell @ LE
Mrs. Stark's Preposition Jingle Presentation - 7th Grade English - Thanks Mrs. Stark @ CMS
Mr.Lashenik's 5th Grade Class - Thanks Dave Lashenik @LIS
Mrs. Wilson's P.E. Site - Thanks Nicole Wilson @ WIS
Chesterton High School Library Media Center - Thanks Janna Carney @ CHS
Mr. Hackett's Math Class - Thanks Chris Hackett @ CHS

Interactive White Boards
Interactive White Board Activities and Lesson Plan Ideas
Order in the Library - Thanks Heather Lowe @ LE
Interactive Whiteboard Lessons - Thanks Chris Smith @ LE
ABCya.com Website - Thanks Michelle Ward @ Bailly

Mimio Interactive Whiteboard Systems
eBeam & Engage Interactive Whiteboard Systems - Thanks David Sharp
SMARTBoard Interactive Whiteboard Systems

Video Streaming Resources


Picasa Photo Sharing
The Learning Connection
RDS New Staff Orientation
Duneland Domain - Active Directory 
Duneland Domain Helpful Hints Handout can be found on the District Sharon (S:) Drive
  1. Click ->Computer or My Computer
  2. Click ->District Share (S:) Drive
  3. Click ->Professional Development Folder
  4. Click ->Duneland Domain Folder
  5. Click ->Duneland Domain Helpful Hints Document