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CMS Goodbye Shout Out - May 2012

To All CMS Staff and Students: It's that time of year again. The end is near and people have yet to say goodbye. If any students or staff would like to post a farewell comment, simply visit->  CMS Goodbye Shout Out  -> add a new comment -> save comment. Your comment will be displayed once it has been approved by a moderator. I will be in the CMS Learning Lounge from 8-3 Wednesday, May 30th if you would like to bring your students upstairs to blog on the HP Mini Mobile Lab Computers. Have a great summer! Mrs. Klahn

CMS Technology Projects Using Mobile Technology - Spring 2012

  2. Apple Education Challenge Based Learning
  3. Challenge Based Learning - Apple images.apple.com/education/.../Apple-ChallengedBasedLearning.pdf
  4. Challenge Based Learning
  5. CMS Staff blog about their favorite technology projects Sharon's Staff Blog

CHS Presenting a Lesson with the iPad using Keynote, Pages or iMovie - Spring 2012

  1. iPad at DSC - Ideas for using the iPad in Education
  2. Creating an iMovie on the iPad - Instructions for Using iMovie on the iPad from Apple Help Library
  3. Constructing Presentations on the iPad using Keynote - Keynote for the iPad Online Help from Apple Help Library
  4. Designing Documents on the iPad using Pages - Pages for the iPad Online Help from Apple Help Library
  5.  Blog about your iPad classroom experiences at - Sharon's Staff Blog

Blogging at Bailly - Spring 2012

Tuesday, April 17th, I will be in the Media Center from 8-3 to answer any technology questions you might have and brainstorm new and exciting ways to use technology in your classroom. If you are looking for something new I would highly recommend setting up a classroom blog. Did you know that everyone at Duneland has an account? You just need to set-it up. Click on the links below to get an idea what we are blogging about!
  1. Sharon's Staff Blog Please add a comment to the BA Technology Stop & Chat Blog to reserve a time to set up your account today
  2. Mrs. Klahn's & Miss Maple's Earth Day Blog - Yost 3rd grade students blogging about Earth Day
  3. Mrs. Klahn's Book Blog & Wiki - DSC staff and students blogging about Nick Bruel
  4. WIS iPad Apps for Learning - WIS Staff blogging about their favorite apps using the iPad
  5. DSC Wiki & Blog Web Services - A place to set-up or Log in to your Wiki/Blog account

WIS Searching for iPad Apps by Subject & Blogging on the iPad
- Spring 2012

  1. Sharon's Staff Blog - WIS is Blogging with the iPad   Please add a comment to sign in & reserve a time slot to search for apps today
  2. WIS iPad Apps for Learning Wiki - Add a comment and share your favorite app to help construct the WIS iPad Apps for Learning List
  3. iPad at DSC Wiki & Blog - Designed for all DSC Schools that are currently using the iPad technology to collaborate and share ideas
  4. DSC Wiki & Blog Web Services A place to set-up or Log in to your Wiki/Blog account. My Page: Track real-time updates for all wikis and blogs. Wikis: Collaborate with online document creation, editing and comments.  Blogs - Publish text, pictures and podcasts in an online journal. 
  5. Sample Wikis & Blogs I have created: Sharon's Staff Wiki-Integrating New Technology at Duneland School Corporation,   Mrs. Klahn's Book Blog & Wiki - Spotlight Author Nick Bruel, Mrs. Klahn's & Miss  Maple's  Earth Day Blog - 3rd Grade Students at Yost Blogging about Earth Day.

Flipping the Classroom 

Tech&Learning:Flipping the Classroom Article & Video

Watch this video from CBS about how The Kahn Academy is flipping the classroom!  

The Khan Academy - Watch. Practice. Learn almost anything for free. Thousands of videos to introduce a new topic or reinforce what you are teaching in the classroom. Explore the concept of flipping the classroom with the use of videos.

Using Videos to Share Ideas and Lessons
 - The all-new iTunesU. Everything you need to create and share complete courses - all in one place. Now featuring audio, video, books and other content. Learn with iTunesU.

TED: Ideas worth spreading
 - Thought provoking videos from TED Technology, Entertainment, Design.

Flipped Learning Lessons from EduVision

iPad at DSC - Fall 2011

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Sharon's Staff Blog  - DSC Staff Blogging About Technology
The iPad at DSC  - Staff Sharing iPad Classroom Ideas & Favorite Apps
Mrs. Klahn's Book Blog & Wiki - Spotlight Author Nick Bruel
Mrs. Klahn's  & Miss  Maple's  Earth Day Blog - Yost 3rd Grade
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Interactive White Board (IWB) Ideas and Lessons - Fall 2011

New Staff Orientation
 - August 18, 2011

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