WIS Media Center... where today's readers become tomorrow's leaders!


WIS Media Center is centrally located in Westchester Intermediate School and is dedicated to the promotion of reading for all patrons. The media center's collection contains over 17,000 print and non-print resources which are available for class reading requirements or personal reading pleasure.

Students and staff utilize the search engine Destiny to search for items while in the media center itself... or from anywhere that has an Internet connection. To search the WIS Media collection from where you are right now, click the link:


WIS Media is managed by Mr. Napier (media specialist) and Mrs. Schwab (media secretary). Together they help patrons search for age- and interest-appropriate material.  In addition, Mr. Napier presents media activities, lessons, and programs. Parents are always welcome to visit and see the latest displays and new additions.

The main floor of WIS Media is organized into the major collection areas:  fiction, non-fiction, biography, periodicals, and reference. Most fiction, non-fiction, and biography books may be checked out for a period of two weeks (plus one renewal). Magazines may be checked out for one week (no renewal).  Some reference materials may be checked out overnight.  Check with Mr. Napier if special circumstances or class projects warrant the need for extended check outs.

Westchester uses the Scholastic reading assessment known as Reading Counts (RC).  RC is designed to keep track of student reading progress and support classroom reading goals. Students  are encouraged to check the Scholastic Book Expert database of over 60,000 quizzes to see if a title they wish to choose has a quiz. Start your search by clicking on the link below and then typing the title or author in the blue box.

Scholastic Book Expert

WIS Media also utilizes a wide variety of reading incentive programs designed to encourage and extend reading beyond the classroom. Each reading program is distinct and offers a unique schedule of prizes... yes, prizes! Click on the links below to learn more about each program's philosophy and the rewards that students can earn.

*Young Hoosier Book Award Reading Club -- celebrating the Indiana Young Hoosier book nominees for each school year

*Friends and Family Reading Club -- giving students the opportunity to share in the joy of reading with significant others

*Black Belt Book Club -- master your books, Grasshopper, and you will be rewarded; only scores of100% count--  Ganbatte ne!

*STARS (Students That Are Reading Successfully) -- top 25 readers each grading period who have read the most words

In addition to these fun programs, students may access the Logic Loft during normal recess times to play thinking games and board activities.

 Did you know?  Most Westchester students participate in one or more of the reading programs.

WIS Media also offers a wide array of activities throughout the school year that support local, state, and national reading initiatives.  Here are just a few of the programs:

 *Six Flags Six Hour Reading Program -- earn a free ticket to Six Flags Amusement Park

 *Book It (Pizza Hut) -- earn free personal pan pizzas (plural!) to our Chesterton Pizza Hut

 *Dr. Seuss Celebration / Read Across America -- celebrate Seuss with activities and give-aways

 *Pass-It-On Paperback Exchange -- swap your gently used book for another

 *LIS vs. WIS Book Battle -- our annual multi-team, inter-school competition set to a Jeopardy format.

*Scholastic Book Fairs -- great books at great prices... twice a year! (fall, spring)

*Great Goosebumps Giveaway -- pass a Goosebumps quiz / earn a Goosebumps book (October)

*Going Green Limerick Competition -- students and staff compete to write the best limerick

Here are more valuable sites that provide students and families access to media resources...

*Worldbook Encyclopedia -- provides an on-line format for THE standard in K-12 reference

   :-)   If knowledge is power, then read a book and rule the world!   :-)