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Parent Resource Center

       We are fortunate to have a room devoted to Title I parent resources.  There are many games and activities that can be checked out and used at home.  The purpose of the resource room is to encourage a family link between school and home.  Students are excited to show what they know and these activities create a "family game night" atmosphere.  
     You are welcome to stop by and browse our materials in person.  There is a clipboard available with a check-out form.  However, we know families are busy.  With parent permission, the Title I interventionists will periodically send home materials with your child.  If your child is selected to bring a game or activity home, it will only be sent on Mondays.  Anything you receive will be due back the following Monday.  If nothing is sent home on a Monday, your child was not selected for any materials that week.  Please help your child keep track of the pieces and materials, and make sure there is no food or liquid around the games.   
     Follow the directions sent with the game or activity.  Remember, this is meant to be fun for you and your child!  If your child is struggling, adjust the activity so that he or she can be successful.  On the other hand, if the game seems too easy add some more challenging tasks or questions.

Amber Jakel,
Nov 3, 2014, 6:47 AM