Tons of games for kids to practice various skills in reading.

Great way to practice phonics skills.  This is a favorite for many kids and parents. 

Primary Games
Offers a variety of games to practice reading skills.

Knowledge Adventure
This websites has some great word games and also has some good games to help your kindergarten and preschool age kids.

Learn with Clifford.  A favorite website for many kindergarten and first graders! 

Literacy Center
This website was developed by an organization who develops resources for preschool aged students.  Great for practice with kindergartners as well.

Giggle Poetry
A website all about Poetry! 

Fun Brain
Offers a variety of games to practice reading skills.

Offers skills for students of all ages to practice reading skills with interactive activities and games!

Carol Hurst
Find out about current books kids are reading.  Offers reviews and information about books that your students may be reading.

Reading is Fundamental (RIF)
Reading is Fundamental is an organization that offers information for parents about reading.  This websites offers activities, booklists, articles, brochures, and multicultural literacy materials.  This website is worth exploring! 

Scholastic is a great resource for all different types of reading needs.  Be sure to utilize the Book Wizard portion to search for books at the right level for your reader.  

Family Learning
The Family Learning websites is great for finding out more about what you can do at home to help your child.  It has many games to practice ALL aspects for learning to read. 

PBS Kids
Great sites for kids!  Offers games and videos involving lot of familiar characters.

Nick Jr.
Another great sight for younger kids and to provide some more information about learning at home.

Magic Tree House
Great website for those kids who love the Magic Tree House Books.